Reforming the school day and calendar has presented us with the opportunity to enhance our curriculum. This work remains in progress. Below are a number of the focal points that our efforts at curriculum reform will take. The Program Committee of the Board has commissioned a study of our ACT and P.L.A.N. test data. This data has provided areas to examine for strengths and weaknesses as we plan for the transition to trimesters.

Adding More AP Courses: AP refers to Advancement Placement courses that are based upon the College Board curriculum design. These courses are rigorous. Upon their completion, students may choose to take the AP exam where a score of 1-5 is earned. Various colleges accept AP credit in lieu of having to take certain introductory courses. All high school students are welcome to take an AP exam, regardless of having taken an individual AP course. Traditionally a high number of PND students take the AP exam and do well. Over the course of the next few years, we plan to add a variety of AP courses to the PND curriculum.

Expanding Electives: In the current model, each student has the opportunity to take fifty-six courses throughout their four years. In the trimester model, each student will have an opportunity to take sixty courses. The increase allows us to expand our elective offerings.

Evaluating Sequencing and Placement of Courses: In several different departments, we plan to evaluate the scope and sequence of our curricular offerings. In science, we plan to offer Biology in the freshmen year, followed by Chemistry and Physics during the sophomore and junior years respectively. The popular, Intermediate Technology Applications course will be moved to the freshmen year.

Evaluating Graduation Requirements: In light of the additional course periods, we are considering adding a number of changes to our graduation requirements, beginning with the class of 2014. These include: a fine arts credit, a separate foreign language credit, and an increased science requirement.

Your insights are a welcome addition to our planning efforts.

Below is a link to a survey where you can share your thoughts. Let us know what you're thinking...

Sample Student Schedule (Freshmen)

Fall Winter Spring

1. Tech Apps Old Testament New Testament

2. World Studies P.E. / Driver Ed World Studies

3. Biology Biology Physical Education

4. English Spanish Spanish

5. Algebra I Algebra I English