This wiki has been developed to help articulate the vision for PND moving forward into a new campus in the fall of 2012. The information contained on this page and those to follow is a work in progress as the school's Board, administration, Leadership Team, faculty, and students work to create a unique learning environment that redefines educational excellence for the future.

As a Catholic school, we are charged with the awesome responsibility of passing timeless truths from one generation to the next. Our Catholic identity is the core that drives PND. Our students have been given the opportunity to answer the questions that matter: Who am I? Who is God? Who is Christ? and Why the Church? These are the core questions of life, and the answers offer a Christian a world view that provides meaning and recognizes the beauty of humanity. We are made for union with God, and in order to realize our full purpose and dignity, we must spend our lives pursuing Truth, Beauty, and Community. We believe, as a school community, that the best way to pass these Gospel truths from one generation to the next is to surround our young people with adult role models who fully live the Gospel in their daily lives. Their example of charity and faith helps to create a community focused on Christian values.

As a college preparatory school, we believe that our academic vision must be driven by practices in line with how learning takes place. We believe that old methods must be examined and refined to create a world-class learning community.

Below is a short video that explains the essence of the ideas behind the vision. After you watch the short presentation take some time to explore the site and share your thoughts on the discussion page. Also follow the navigation link to take the survey to help us plan.